Why “The Secret” Has Failed You…
Hint: It’s Got Nothing To Do With The Law Of Attraction, A Positive Mindset, Or Binaural Beats

My ex called to boast that he
was marrying the bi*ch
that broke us up…

My ex called to boast that he was marrying the bi*ch that broke us up…

And if that wasn’t bad enough, he excitedly told me my 5-year-old daughter had a “new” sister.

My mouth hit the floor when he told me his other daughter was 4-years old (yeah, the math means that he was cheating on me while I was breastfeeding our baby).

So when he then proudly told me he was getting re-married…

Just 18 months after leaving me and our daughter, Sarah, high and dry…

And even had the audacity to say she should be a flower girl at his wedding…

I felt like reaching down the phone and strangling him with my bare hands!

But strangely enough, that conversation with my ex turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me…

Because it led me to discover an internal flow of life-energy called the PVS (primo vascular system)…

That allows anyone to manifest the abundant life they deserve.

From finally getting a big enough raise to erase your never-ending anxiety about paying bills…

And never again have to wonder if your debit card is going to be declined at the grocery store…

To moving into your dream home, whether that’s a mansion with a sparkling swimming pool, and a massive kitchen island that's bigger and wider than most walk-in closets... a peaceful cabin in the woods… or anything in between.

Or maybe for you, an abundant life means being able to travel the world…

Send your kids to private school…

Or walk into any store and buy what you want without a second thought.

Whatever your dream life looks like…

This discovery can make it reality.

My name is Kayleigh Smith

And right here on this page…

I’m going to explain exactly how that conversation with my swine of an ex husband led to such powerful changes in my life.

It was 11 am in the tiny, rundown apartment I shared with my daughter Sarah.

When the caller-ID said it was Tom calling, I could hardly believe it...

I hadn’t heard from him in 18 months since he walked out on Sarah and me with no explanation. 

The days and weeks that followed were a nightmare made real.

I’d been a stay-at-home-mom for 5 years.

I had no savings and no real job experience.

So I was in a vulnerable position to say the least.

By some miracle, I managed to get a dead-end job at the grocery store earning barely enough to survive.

I don’t know if you can relate to that…

Or if you’ve ever thought to yourself,

“This isn’t how my life was supposed to turn out”...

But it was hard not to lose hope.

Because despite working 12 hour shifts 6 days a week…

All I had were unpaid parking tickets, empty cupboards, and a shabby apartment in a bad neighborhood to show for it.

I hated myself for trusting Tom’s lies...

But most of all, I hated him for abandoning us. 

Part of me thought I should just hang up when I saw his name… 

But I had to know why he'd done what he'd done.  

I had to know why he'd left, just like that.  

I took a deep breath, gritted my teeth, and answered.

“Hello Tom”.


5 seconds...

10 seconds passed...

Until finally I snapped and asked why he'd picked up the phone and called after all this time, only to say nothing...

“I wanted to tell you the good news in person”, he interrupted before I could finish.

“I'm getting married next month.”

I thought I'd moved on enough for him to not hurt me anymore, but I'm embarrassed to admit that hearing his voice and his news felt like sticking a nail into an open wound.

I bit my tongue though, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing how much he’d wounded me.

"Who's the lucky lady then?", I asked, with only the slightest acid to my tone.

“You know that woman I work with that I said nothing happened with?

Well, the truth is we have a 4-year-old daughter together...and I want to make an honest woman of her.”


What was I?

I couldn’t believe I was hearing these words…

But what cut me the deepest was that the girl was 4, which meant he’d lied about the affair, and our future together, nearly as long as we’d been married!

That’s right...he hadn’t just started fresh with a younger woman…

He’d lied to me every day for the last 5 years of our relationship...

Raised an entirely new family while I was breastfeeding OUR daughter, Sarah…

And I'd been completely unaware.

I felt so stupid! Used and humiliated.

There were so many things I wanted to say, to just let rip and spell out in painful detail how much I hated him.  

But at that moment, all I could manage was to slowly hang up the phone. 

I looked around my tiny apartment full of cheap furniture and screamed in frustration.


Why, after what he’s done, does HE get to ride off 
into the sunset with his mistress!

While I’m left alone struggling to pick up the pieces?

I don't know if you've ever experienced anything like this in your life...

Where it seems like everything is going against you...where nothing feels "fair" or "just"...

Where you're overwhelmed, and you want to just GIVE UP.

That's how I felt, and it sucked, plain and simple.

What had I done to attract this into my life?!

All day throughout my shift at the grocery store, I stewed over how my life wasn’t how it should be...

Over and over again I thought about how unfair my situation was.

But as I mindlessly scanned item after item at the checkout...

I knew I could do one of two things:

I could just accept that this life is what the universe had planned for me...

That I was destined to exist in a state of near-poverty and there was nothing I could do about it.  

OR I could make the choice I did.

For Sarah’s sake, I could pull myself together...
and learn how to turn the abundant life I desired
and deserved into reality.

At the end of my shift, I decided to take the long route home walking through the park.

I needed space, fresh air, and time to unwind before I could switch back into “mom mode”.

I was born and raised in Seattle, so I knew Daejon Park like the back of my hand...

But today, something felt different.

As I walked past the Korean-style pagoda in the middle of the park, I felt somehow drawn to it – even though I’d been inside it countless times before.

I stopped, changed direction, and veered off the path straight toward the pagoda.

Immediately as I walked inside, I felt a calmness I hadn’t experienced in years settle over me.

Inside there was a Korean woman, about the same age as me.

She was smartly dressed, adorned with beautiful, yet subtle and tasteful jewellery that complemented her Chanel handbag perfectly. 

The woman looked up and met my eyes.  

“I’ve been waiting for you”, she said smiling. 

“Come, sit”. 

Is she talking to me?

Strangers don’t usually invite you to sit with them…but I was the only other person around.

The woman spoke again, almost as if she could read my thoughts.

“Yes, you.”

“Please, sit with me, I want to ask you something.”

Despite how weird this all was, there was something about her voice that made me trust that all of this was happening for a reason.

Hesitantly, I sat beside the woman on one of the seats around the edge of the Pagoda.

She asked with complete sincerity, her voice full of genuine interest and concern, the simplest of questions…

“How are you?” 

And for some reason that I couldn’t explain…

I answered truthfully.

I unloaded onto this complete stranger, who simply sat, listened, and nodded.

I couldn’t explain why, but I even shared personal details of how in the many moments of desperation since Tom had walked out on me…

I’d even tried affirmations, vision boards, crystals, Grabavoi Codes, meditation.

The woman didn’t seem to judge me.

She just looked at me, seemingly deep in thought.

After a long silence, she finally spoke.

“Let me tell you something that I wish someone had told me when I was at my lowest…

You can use positive affirmations until you’re blue in the face but…

If your PVS is clogged, you won’t create change
in your life.”

My what now?

I’d never heard of the PVS.  

The Korean woman could see I was confused... 

I mean, who wouldn’t be? 

The whole situation was bizarre… 

And no doubt I had my “I’ve gotten my hopes up before and it turned out to be a complete waste of time” face plastered on...

But something about this woman felt different...

I could literally feel her presence, confidence, and
energy transferring into me.

She asked me to hold out my hand. 

She held it between hers, and suddenly, I was in a different universe.

A universe where I felt calm, safe, and completely centered.

I felt a gush of comforting, accepting, loving energy I’d never felt before.

This woman was a sanctuary from the stormy chaos of life.

It was shocking to feel that kind of intensity of emotion from a total stranger.

But in that moment, all I wanted was to stay in her energy.

“How are you doing this?”, I whispered, awed by what I was experiencing.

The woman released my hand, smiled warmly, and said, “I could tell you everything you need to know…but some things are best to discover on your own.”

And with that, she gathered her things and left while I sat there, still overwhelmed with emotion, replaying what had just happened.

As soon as I got home I started searching online.

What was the PVS?

How did it allow the Korean woman to emit such a powerful energy and presence to me?

And how was unclogging it the key to creating change in my life the way she said?

I had to know the truth.

It was slow going at first.

Most of the research was still in Korean.

So understanding the scientific papers in often badly translated English wasn’t easy.

For days, I used every spare moment outside of work and caring for Sarah to read.

Days turned into weeks…

But what I discovered eventually led to an easy, guaranteed technique anyone can use to manifest 
a superabundant life into reality.

A new car, a high-paying job, or a beautiful home…

Anything you can imagine is possible once you know this.

Here’s what I learned: The PVS (primo vascular system) is the body’s life-energy superhighway…

A previously unknown system that links the body’s vital organs and systems together with a flow of electromagnetic energy (or “Qi'' as it's known in the Far East).

Now, naturally, I was more than a little skeptical when I first read this…

I mean, why hadn’t I heard of the PVS before?

Why isn’t it in medical textbooks?

Well, it is in fact, or at least soon will be...

Because researchers now believe…

The PVS is the “real life” meridian system as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),

Until now, the meridian system had no concrete evidence of its existence.

And while it always brings a smile to my face when science and medicine finally catches up with what people intuitively already knew – sometimes for thousands of years…

The PVS has another role to play …

One that when it comes to manifestation is even more important…

And may well have cost the man who first discovered it his life.

In the 1960s, right after the Korean scientist, Kim Bong-han, shared what he had learned about the PVS with some of Korea’s elite…

Something strange happened.

Kim Bong-han…disappeared. 

He is still listed as missing.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that around the exact same time…

South Korea began what is now called “The Korean Miracle”.

In the years since Bong-han’s disappearance…South Korea has gone from being poorer than sub–Saharan Africa…to one of the most affluent societies in the world.

Despite this “Korean Miracle”, there was no further research into the PVS for nearly 40 years, the elite Bong-han shared it with seemingly having kept knowledge of it to themselves.

But in 2003, a research group at Seoul National University, the “Harvard” of South Korea, reinvestigated Bong-han’s theory using the latest imaging technology.

They confirmed what Bong-han believed all along…

That the PVS is not only the body’s life-energy superhighway…

But, and this is a direct quote from the research, that it is also…

“The communication system between all living organisms and the environment”

In other words…

The PVS is how you transmit your energy to the universe and attract the abundant life you deserve.

So it makes sense then, that if the PVS is clogged, then it’s impossible to attract what you need.

But how does the PVS become clogged?

The problem, I discovered, is that communication between the universe and the PVS isn’t a one-way street…

The PVS also RECEIVES electromagnetic signals from the environment.

Have you ever had a gut instinct about another person? 
A feeling of like or dislike that you just couldn’t explain?

That feeling comes when your PVS “tunes in” to their energy.

But the energy bursts from the people around you are just one of the thousands of electromagnetic waves flowing through you every minute of every day.

Cellphones, TV, radio...so many devices in the modern world flood the environment with electromagnetic energy.

So your PVS is constantly “tuning in” to this polluting energy, filled with all the negativity mankind has to offer.

The result is chaos and confusion instead of calmness and clarity.

And it gets worse.

You see, the PVS is like a sponge…sucking up the energy around you and storing it in your DNA.

This is the reason behind the saying “you are the sum of the 5 people around you”

You are literally storing the small amount of energy they are transmitting in your DNA.

So if you're stewing in negative energy, either because of others around you…

Negative interactions you may have seen your parents have when you were a child…

Or the INESCAPABLE toxicity of the electromagnetic waves around you...

THAT is what is getting stored in your DNA.

Then since “like” attracts “like” …

It’s no wonder it had been impossible for me to manifest an abundant life!

All those arguments with Tom…

The anxious feelings I’d ignored telling me I couldn't trust him...

The terror I felt as my parents fought downstairs late at night… screaming, hurling whatever they could grab at each other while I silently cried into my pillow.

All this negative energy and emotional trauma stored in my DNA was continuing to attract MORE of the same.

For Sarah’s sake, I had to stop the cycle.

Just as the Korean woman in the pagoda said…

“You can use positive affirmations until you’re blue in the face…but if your PVS is clogged, you won’t create change in your life.”

I was happy to finally have some explanation for why I mostly seemed to manifest only negative changes in my life...

But that left me with an even bigger problem…

How was I going to UN-clog my PVS?

I had no idea where to start…my heart rate picked up every time I thought about it…knowing that my connection to the universe was clogged with so much negativity... and having no way to fix it was almost worse than not knowing at all.

I had no way to contact the Korean woman though…

So I did the only thing I could – I went back to the Pagoda and trusted that the universe would guide her to me.

The next day there was no sign of her.

Nor the next.

Or the next after that.

Until on the fourth day, when I was close to giving up, there she was sitting in the Pagoda, exactly as I had seen her the first day we met.

I dashed toward her and opened my mouth to finally ask her how to unclog the PVS…

“Before I decide whether or not to answer your question, Kayleigh, tell me, what did you discover?”

So I told the mysterious Korean woman what I had learned...

How the PVS transports the electromagnetic life-energy known as Qi throughout the body… linking our vital organs, systems, and selves to the universal electromagnetic energy all around us.

I told her how the PVS stores electromagnetic energy it receives from in your DNA…

And that with the unavoidable negative energy from colleagues, parents, and modern communications, now or in the past as children, most of us have a PVS that’s completely clogged up, making it impossible to attract anything positive in our lives.  

“I see you’ve done your homework”, the Korean woman smiled at me.

“In fact, from what you’ve told me, you’ve already found the answer to your question of how to unclog the PVS...you just haven’t recognized it.”

My head tilted unconsciously to one side while I wracked my brain for anything I’d missed.

“Do you remember the study where the scientists placed the rabbits on a vibration plate before looking for the PVS?”

I could vaguely remember the study… the scientists had played the rabbits their favorite music… and then, somehow, they could see the PVS.

I still didn’t understand how though. 

“When the scientists played the music through the vibration plate, it was like switching the lights on in a pitch-black room.

Even with high-powered microscopes, the scientists hadn’t been able to find the PVS cells…   

But playing that music did something incredible.

The music, or more accurately, the vibrational frequency of the music, unclogged the PVS, allowing the rabbit’s life energy to flow again.

They could now see the PVS structures under the microscope, clear as day.

“Think of how an ultrasonic toothbrush clears plaque from your teeth…

How when an opera singer hits the right vocal pitch, the vibrations can break a wine glass…

Or how some monks say ‘aum’ when they meditate.

The monks think they do it to help maintain focus…

And it might also help with that…

But the vibrational frequency also unclogs their PVSs to allow their life-energy to flow out into the universe.”

I was almost shaking with excitement by the time the Korean woman finished speaking.

Finally! Finally, I understood why I hadn’t been able to manifest the life I wanted.

And better still…

I knew what I needed

There was only one problem:

Vibration plates and hours of meditation are way too expensive, time-consuming, or difficult for ‘normal people’ like me to do.

I needed a quick and easy way to unclog my PVS.

I told the Korean woman this.

“Ha! You remind me so much of myself”, she laughed back at me.

She went on to tell me that after months of experimentation…

She discovered she could unclog the PVS significantly faster and much, much easier than with other techniques…

By listening to a cleansing audio track composed at the same vibrational frequency the researchers had used.

And that so long as she kept her PVS unclogged by listening to the audio track regularly, then with the right manifestation techniques, the results were life-changing.

I thought to myself…this is exactly what I need.

I didn’t have time to spend hours each day meditating…

Or try any other technique that might not be effective…

Even if I didn’t have to work 12 hours a day to simply not be homeless…

I needed to right the wrongs in my life, to regain some control, and protect Sarah from my ex…NOW.

Which is why despite all the understanding I’d gained through my research, right now, I was nervous.

The Korean woman hadn’t made any specific promises.

She’d only asked if I wanted to know the way…

Not that she’d give it to me.

She had no reason to after all.

But she’d helped me come this far…

So perhaps the universe had sent me to this woman.

Maybe she needed me more than I realized.

So when the Korean woman finished speaking…

I just came right and asked…

“Please, will you give me this audio track?”

She didn’t respond...

But the way she looked at me felt like she was looking into my very soul.

    The silence stretched until the tension was almost too much to bear...

    Until finally, the Korean woman smiled and said,

    “Check your phone”

    Talk about an easy decision!


    “Find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed and listen to the track once or twice a day, that’s all you need to do.”, the Korean woman said.

    Once I got home, I lay down on my bed with my headphones in, closed my eyes, and listened.

    30 minutes later I felt calmer and happier…

    But honestly, that was about it.

    I guess I don’t know what I expected to feel.

        Regardless I promised myself to give it a go, 
        so I trusted the research…

        Seoul National University is one of the top universities in the world after all...

        And I’d seen the images of the PVS. 

        So I knew it existed… 

        But even so...

          That little voice in the back of my head...the same one that has held me back so many times in my life, whispered “this is all a waste of time”

          But the only way to know for certain if this was the answer I was searching for, would be to test it.

          After 4 days of using the audio track morning and night, with no obvious changes in my life, I’ll admit I was starting to lose hope…

          But then…

              On the fifth day, I felt something inside me had changed.

              Even now I struggle to find the words to describe it.

              For perhaps the first time in my life…

              I honestly believed that my grand vision for the future will become reality.

              I knew that enough money to get away from Tom would be just the beginning.

              I knew that a new car, a beautiful home, and a fulfilling, well-paid job that still left plenty of time for Sarah would be soon to follow.

              I knew that before long, I would be living life on my terms, no one else’s.

              Point is, I no longer doubted I was truly capable of achieving these things.

              And over the following days and weeks...

              I felt more and more connected with the  pure potentiality of my being.

              Confident, at peace, and prepared for whatever life threw at me. 

              Now that I knew there was nothing clogging my PVS, I dove headfirst back into everything I could find about manifestation.

              I watched interviews with celebrities famous for their belief in manifestation like the regular characters I’m sure you’ve heard of, and instead of only passively viewing for a short-lived burst of encouragement...

              I acted like a scientist…

              Searching for commonalities between all the success stories I could find...

              Cross-referencing them with dozens of books on manifestation like Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, “Money, and the law of Attraction” by Esther Hicks, and “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy...

              I messaged the authors of manifestation success stories from ordinary people like me on forums like Reddit...

              And made notes on all the little nuances and seemingly minor details that made ALL the difference to their success.

              And how to avoid all the disappointing dead ends they went down.

              I experimented and made the best of what
              I discovered part of my daily routine.

                And a few weeks later, I knew that it was time to start my own freelancing business.

                I offered to do pretty much any task where I had even the tiniest bit of interest or experience.

                And within a few days, I’d manifested a client 
                willing to pay $1500 upfront to write 
                blog posts for her.

                I’d never done this before, but I knew that the universe would present the information I needed to do a great job when I needed it.

                Soon after I manifested another client, this time offering $5000 a month to write emails for her.

                I quit my job at the grocery store the moment I saw the payment arrive in my account.

                Being independent without a guaranteed paycheck didn’t bother me…

                I knew I’d be more than fine.

                And sure enough…

                Within 6 weeks of first listening to the audio track, I was making over $10,000 a month...

                That much money was already more than I’d thought was possible.

                It freed me from the anxiety of not knowing if I could afford everything Sarah & I needed.

                With that much coming in each month for only a few hours of work each, I was able to start saving for the big things in life: a house, a car, and an emergency, “rainy day” fund.

                It seemed like the responsible thing to do as a parent, even though I knew that “rainy day” would never come.

                In fact, that $10,000 a month just keeps on growing… $15,000… $20,000… $30,000 a month – more money than I’d ever imagined I could earn, more than enough to buy everything I’d ever need or want for Sarah and me.

                    Pretty soon I was earning per month what my ex-husband as our “sole provider”, earned in a year.

                    I bought the dream home I’d been designing and furnishing in my head the past 15 years.

                    Five bedrooms (all en-suite)...

                    A walk-in wardrobe with a special section for my growing collection of handbags...

                    A playroom for Sarah...

                    And outside on the paver stone driveway sits a fully upgraded, shiny white Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.

                    I’m not even a car person, but it certainly makes the journey to Sarah’s private school more fun.

                    Plus, a big car like that makes it easy to carry luggage to the airport for our trips abroad.

                    Sarah and I got on the first flights to Europe once shutdown ended.

                    London, Paris, The Swiss Alps...

                    With the abundant, best life I’d manifested, there were no limits.

                      I was free and in control of my own happiness.

                      All I had to do, was listen to the audio track each day to keep my PVS unclogged…

                      And use the powerful tricks and techniques I’d collected during my research.

                      I never saw my cheating ex again.

                      He tried contacting me, but I ignored his messages.

                      I didn’t block him on social media though.

                      I WANTED him to see the incredible life I had built for myself and Sarah.

                      I WANTED him to know we were far better off without him.

                      It filled me with warmth to imagine him swiping longingly through my holiday photos.

                      But remembering my husband brought up other feelings as well.

                      Because I knew that I was far from the only person who’d been mistreated or betrayed by those closest to them… or otherwise through no fault of their own had been exposed to toxic, PVS clogging negativity.

                      I wondered if there was a higher reason the Korean woman and I had been brought together.

                      Perhaps the universe wanted me to help others who deserved better transform their lives.

                      I wasn’t sure at first.

                      I’d worked so hard for so long to discover the right manifestation techniques…

                      Were they really something I wanted to share?

                      How could I ensure that only those who truly deserved the superabundant life I was offering had access to it?

                      I decided to start small.

                      I’d help ONE person, Jenny, a woman I’d been friendly with from Sarah’s nursery group who’d been there for me when my ex hadn’t.

                      I knew that Jenny wished and hoped for something more for herself than to simply survive each day, juggling a mediocre job with childcare while quietly suffering through a relationship with a man we both knew wasn’t right for her.

                      I reached out and told her everything that happened… everything I’d discovered about the PVS...

                      And of course, about the incredible life I’d manifested since.

                      She didn’t need much convincing.

                          She’d been following all the changes in my life on social media...

                          Trying to figure out how I’d transformed my life so drastically, in such a short period of time.

                          So I put together all that I had learned from hundreds of hours of research, study, and experimentation.

                          And then I put it all into a simple, quick to read guide that even Jenny could use (who was brand new to anything like this and had very little free time).

                          When Jenny called 2 weeks later to tell me she’d got a promotion AND had the confidence to negotiate a higher salary than they initially offered for the position, I congratulated her with a proud, satisfied smile and a tear in my eye.

                          I was proud of Jenny for setting aside her preconceived ideas of manifestation, and instead choosing to take control of her life.

                          But I was also proud of myself.

                          This was the proof that I needed.

                          Proof that with the PVS unclogging audiotrack and the life-transforming manifestation tips and techniques I’d researched...

                          I’d created an easy to follow system that even someone with zero belief or experience in manifestation could use to manifest the abundant life they desired and deserved.

                          All they had to do was listen to the audiotrack each day, and use the proven techniques I’d uncovered.

                          Jenny asked if she could share it with her mom, who even though was in her sixties, had no hope of retiring anytime soon.

                          Like millions of other folks, her retirement accounts wouldn’t last anywhere near long enough.

                          I didn’t know Jenny’s Mom, so I was nervous about sharing everything I’d learned with her, but I trusted Jenny’s judgement.

                          6 weeks later, Jenny told me that one of the Cryptocurrencies she and her Mom had invested in had EXPLODED in value.

                          The $10,000 Jenny’s Mom had invested from her IRA was now worth over $100,000!

                          Before long, deserving women and men from all ages and backgrounds were using my system...

                          Raving how they just couldn’t get their heads around how easily wealth and success seemed to just “magically” happen for them now.

                          All they had to do was listen to the audio track and follow the instructions.

                          So it made sense that the combination of the audio and manual I’d created came to be known as:

                          The Superabundance System

                          Which brings us to now.

                          And more importantly, to you living the life you desire and deserve with the The Superabundance System.

                          But before I give you the keys to your future life of superabundance...

                          There’s something important I need you to hear.

                          With the audio track, you’ll unclog your PVS simply by pressing “Play” ...

                          And when you combine this with the powerful techniques in the The Superabundance System, the opportunities for wealth that will just seem to “happen” for you will feel almost supernatural.

                          But this isn’t magic…

                          It’s science.

                          It’s biology…

                          Because the audio track you’re about to listen to, and the techniques you’re about to learn, have been scientifically designed to address the real reason so many people fail to see results.

                          If the PVS, which is the body’s life-energy superhighway and electromagnetic connection to the universe, is clogged up with years worth of polluting energy from both the environment and those around you...

                          Then for most people, it is physically impossible to manifest an abundant life.

                          This is why books like “The Secret”, which when you read it sounds so promising, doesn’t work for most people.

                          The key to manifesting an abundant life is to have the brain, body and spirit work together in harmony, but these other approaches skip out on the “body” part of the equation entirely...

                          And the gurus behind them have the audacity to excuse their failure by saying “you’re not doing it right!”

                          The Superabundance System is different.

                          All you need to do is find a quiet, relaxing place to listen to the PVS unclogging audiotrack each day...

                          And use the powerful, proven techniques inside the Manual.

                          That’s all there is to it.

                          From there on out, your PVS does the work for you.

                          After speaking to the people who have changed their lives with the system I’d created...

                          I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, sharing what I’ve learned and helping others live their best lives is what the universe wants me to do.

                          So I will do everything I can to make sure the The Superabundance System stays available, but the fact is, by calling out manifestation and “law of attraction” gurus so explicitly like this, I’ve gotten some unwanted attention.

                          Exposing the truth hits their bottom line, and eventually, they’ll come after me with everything they’ve got.

                          That’s why today, just like many others like you have already, it’s so important for you to take action.

                          You see, I’ve received so many messages telling me that the The Superabundance System is responsible for helping them manifest multiple thousands of dollars.

                          They tell me they would have gladly given $3,000 or more, which in many cases was just a fraction of the newfound income the The Superabundance System allowed them to manifest.

                          Heck, even twice that amount is nothing compared to what I fully believe the The Superabundance System will bring you...

                          But I understand that even though you wish you could afford that amount, it’s just not possible.

                          No way.

                          So when you choose to invest in yourself today, you won’t need anywhere close to that.

                          I’ve priced this as low as possible to ensure the The Superabundance System reaches as many deserving folks as possible.

                          Today, when you choose to invest in yourself... your investment is only the amount you can see below.

                          This is just enough to cover my expenses.

                          So if you’d like to unclog your PVS, clear out the polluting energy keeping you caged in a life you deserve better from...

                          And experience abundance, happiness, and freedom on a level you can scarcely imagine...

                          Then click the big, orange, "ADD TO CART" 
                          button you can see below right now.

                          TODAY $47

                          Regular Price $197

                          And join people like Fiona S from Dallas, who would still be an underpaid public school teacher without The Superabundance System.

                          Her dream job.

                          “For years, I struggled financially to make it as a teacher. But, thanks to the Manifestation Millionaire principles, I was able to attract my dream job. A private school position that pays DOUBLE my old salary!”

                          ~ Fiona S (verified customer)

                          Her dream job.

                          “For years, I struggled financially to make it as a teacher. But, thanks to the Manifestation Millionaire principles, I was able to attract my dream job. A private school position that pays DOUBLE my old salary!”

                          ~ Fiona S (verified customer)

                          Gonzalo A, who despite his doubts, made a decision that changed his life forever.

                          A 4-Figure Passive Income

                          “I was unsure this would work for me. But, I decided to put my doubts aside and give it a try.

                          My goal: I would have been happy with a few extra hundred a month in ‘bill money’. Instead, I blew way past that goal. I manifested a new passive income source that pays me 4-figures a month… ‘Mortgage money’ and then some… And it’s only growing!”

                          ~ Gonzalo A (verified customer)

                          Gonzalo A, who despite his doubts, made a decision that changed his life forever.

                          A 4-Figure Passive Income

                          “I was unsure this would work for me. But, I decided to put my doubts aside and give it a try.

                          My goal: I would have been happy with a few extra hundred a month in ‘bill money’. Instead, I blew way past that goal. I manifested a new passive income source that pays me 4-figures a month… ‘Mortgage money’ and then some… And it’s only growing!”

                          ~ Gonzalo A (verified customer)

                          And Stephanie K, who is now living her dream life in the ‘City of Lights’ thanks to The Superabundance System.

                          Moved to Paris

                          Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of living in Paris. 

                          But it was only a dream. I never really thought it would become a reality. But, then I saw Kayleigh’s page about the PVS, and a flame of something unexpected sparked inside of me... hope. So I invested in myself, in hope, and within a few weeks, I’d attracted an offer for my dream job in the city! Today, I call Paris home, and I couldn’t be happier!”

                          ~ Stephanie K (verified customer)

                          And Stephanie K, who is now living her dream life in the ‘City of Lights’ thanks to The Superabundance System.

                          Moved to Paris

                          Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of living in Paris. 

                          But it was only a dream. I never really thought it would become a reality. But, then I saw Kayleigh’s video about the PVS, and a flame of something unexpected sparked inside of me... hope. So I invested in myself, in hope, and within a few weeks, I’d attracted an offer for my dream job in the city! Today, I call Paris home, and I couldn’t be happier!”

                          ~ Stephanie K (verified customer)

                          When you click the orange button below, you’ll be forwarded to a secure page where you’ll enter your information to get instant access to the exclusive The Superabundance System member’s area.

                          And just so there are no surprises...

                          I want you to know that I’ve partnered with an online platform called Clickbank to help me handle the nuts and bolts of getting The Superabundance System into your hands.

                          Clickbank helps non-tech people like me offer total security for soon to be Superabundant Manifestors like you, and just as importantly, they allow me to offer something unusual...

                          A 100% no questions, universal-energy bound, 365-day guarantee.

                          That’s right, I’m giving you complete access to The Superabundance System to, in effect, try out for an entire year...

                          And if it doesn’t transform your life exactly as I believe it will and it has already done for hundreds of others... 

                          Then I insist on giving you back every cent of your investment, no questions asked.  

                          So when you click the orange button below, what you are really saying is “maybe” to The Superabundance System, that’s all. 

                          Plus… as a reward and encouragement for fast action takers. 

                          I’m adding two exclusive gifts to your member’s area.

                            You see, after experiencing the power of the PVS clearing audiotrack, it got me wondering how else I could use the power of audio frequencies to help deserving men and women.

                            So I asked some of the early members of the Superabundant Manifestors what they would have wanted when they first got started...

                            And a common theme in their answers was this:

                            “After unclogging my PVS...apart from the techniques you’ve already shared with us, what ELSE can I do to help ‘reprogram’ my DNA to manifest wealth as quickly as possible?”

                            It took hundreds of hours of research...

                            Interviews with dozens of experts... 

                            But it was all worth it.

                                  Because the wealth re-alignment audiotrack I’ve created, and am giving you completely 100% free as a reward for taking action to change your life today...

                                  Has the power to slash the time it takes to manifest the financial abundance you desire and deserve.

                                  But that’s not all...

                                  To complement and enhance the results of the wealth alignment audiotrack, I’m also including my latest research absolutely free.

                                  You see, the soon to be Superabundant Manifestors who right now may be unemployed, stuck in a dead-end job, or are retired, hold a special place in my heart...

                                  So I interviewed dozens of the successful Superabundant Manifestors who’d been in that situation...

                                  And asked them what they would tell themselves if they could go back in time with the knowledge and experience they have today.

                                  After combing through the transcripts, I combined everything they told me into a “secret code” that I call “The Laws of Wealth Manifestation”.

                                  Inside, you’ll discover how to think and act like a millionaire… and then take that new outlook to quickly catapult your earnings with new passive income streams just like the rich do.

                                  These bonuses valued at $97 are included with your order, but only when you commit to transforming your life today, by clicking the big, orange button below, now.

                                  TODAY $47 

                                  Regular Price $197

                                  I fully understand that investing any amount of money in yourself can feel like an extravagance or unnecessary luxury you don’t really “need”, especially if right now it seems like there is barely enough to make ends meet.

                                  It’s how I felt after Tom left me and Sarah high and dry out of the blue.

                                  I used to agonize over every purchase and felt the pressure and anxiety of not knowing how I would survive every waking moment...

                                  But I’m confident, certain, in fact, that the The Superabundance System will unlock your path to abundant peace, purpose and wealth.

                                  And I guarantee that if you keep your eyes open for it...

                                  Then within a week, you’ll see or experience a clear sign that you’re on the right path.

                                  For me, it was the newfound peace and confidence I felt.

                                  I don’t know what it will be for you...

                                  But I know that if you listen to the audio track to unclog your PVS,  use the powerful techniques inside the The Superabundance System, and commit to realizing the abundant life you desire and deserve...

                                  Then the universe will respond, and your sign will come.

                                  And if at any point in the next 365 days you’re not happy with the results...

                                  Or for whatever reason, you decide the The Superabundance System isn’t for you...

                                  Then you can simply click the refund button inside your Clickbank account...

                                  And your investment will be returned to you in full.

                                  One-click, that’s all.

                                  We’ll go our separate way as friends, no hard feelings.

                                  So you truly have nothing to lose, zero “skin in the game” so to speak.

                                  TODAY $47 

                                  Regular Price $197

                                  We’re almost at the end now, but before I go, I want to ask you something.

                                      If you decide not to invest in The Superabundance System... what will change?

                                        The universe guided you here for a reason...

                                        Because the truth is that right now, you are at a crossroads.

                                        Down one path, your PVS stays clogged, and the life you want to be living remains a dream.

                                          It’s a comforting dream.

                                          A dream you use to distract yourself from the boredom of day-to-day life...

                                          But a dream all the same.

                                          The other path is filled with hope, purpose, and freedom.

                                          Because with The Superabundance System...

                                          Manifesting the life you desire and deserve isn’t just possible...it’s automatic. 

                                          Following your intuition when you are not 100% certain where it will lead takes courage...

                                          But imagine if instead of listening to the universe, I’d ignored the “pull” I felt from the pagoda in Daejon Park all those months ago.

                                          I’d still be living in my old crummy apartment, wasting away in a mediocre job without the means or energy to give my beloved daughter, Sarah, the life she deserves.

                                          That one tiny decision led me to the life I’d always dreamed of.

                                          And the decision you make now could do exactly the same for you.


                                          By investing in the The Superabundance System today...

                                          By choosing hope, purpose, freedom and abundance...

                                          You only stand to gain...

                                          Because even if you don’t like what you see, feel, and experience...

                                          Then you’ve still grown as a person by choosing to take action on improving your life.

                                          But if you choose to do nothing today...
                                          And just hope your life will get better...
                                          Your PVS will remain clogged with polluting energy...

                                          And manifesting your dreams into reality will be impossible.

                                          So instead, click the big orange button below and say:

                                          “YES!” to the The Superabundance System

                                          “YES!” to the abundant life you desire and deserve...

                                          “YES!” to a life free from the anxiety of never having enough.

                                          TODAY $47 

                                          Regular Price $197

                                            Still here?

                                            FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

                                            Q. Will The Superabundance System work for me?

                                            It’s normal to be skeptical. Especially if other approaches to manifestation haven’t gotten you the results you hoped for in the past. But here’s the thing...

                                            The Superabundance System is the only manifestation system that unclogs PVS, a life-energy system that is the body’s electromagnetic connection to the universe.

                                            I fully understand that taking this first step toward the life you desire and deserve takes courage, and a certain amount of belief in yourself, but the science it is based on is indisputable. 

                                            If the PVS remains clogged, then manifesting positive change in your life is almost impossible.  

                                            If the PVS remains clogged, then like most people, you will continue to live a life that is out of your control. A life dictated by fate, circumstance, and those with power over you.  

                                            You have a full year to try out The Superabundance System and see if what I’m saying is true.  

                                            So, take that first courageous step, and click the big, orange button below to start manifesting the life you deserve today.

                                            TODAY $47 

                                            Regular Price $197

                                            Q. How does the guarantee work?

                                            The 100% no questions, universal-energy bound, 365-day guarantee works like this:

                                            You can try out The Superabundance System for an entire year... 

                                            And if consistent use doesn’t transform your life, or you decide The Superabundance System and a life of abundance isn’t for you for any reason whatsoever... 

                                            Then all you need to do is log in to Clickbank, click on ‘Request Refund’, and your investment will be returned to you in full. 

                                            That’s it. You don’t have to send me an email or justify your decision in any way. 

                                            So when you click the orange button below, what you are really saying is “maybe” to The Superabundance System, that’s all.

                                            TODAY $47 

                                            Regular Price $197

                                            Q. How soon can I expect results?

                                            While all the women and men just like you who’ve already chosen to invest in themselves are on the same journey toward a life of abundance for themselves and their families, the paths they take on that journey can be different.

                                            Some have experienced dramatic results almost immediately...

                                            While others see the positive changes in their life build up slowly but consistently over time. 

                                            Each change builds upon and complements those that came before, which is why I strongly suggest you use the PVS unclogging audiotrack and manifestation techniques daily.

                                            In my experience, the more consistent you are, the more dramatic your results will be.

                                            Q. Will this really impact every area of my life?

                                            You betcha!  Once your PVS is unclogged, then with consistent use of the powerful techniques I’m sharing with you, anything is possible!

                                            Financial abundance and the freedom it gives you to shape your life in any way you can imagine is just the start. Many of the same techniques can be used to manifest new or better friends and romantic partners, experiences that enrich your life in ways money can’t buy, anything!

                                            Q. Will the investment for The Superabundance System be the same if I go away and think about it?

                                            I have no plans to raise the price anytime soon, but I can’t guarantee that this page will still be here if you decide you’re not ready to invest in yourself today. 

                                            As I mentioned earlier, I’ve ruffled a lot of feathers by “going public” with The Superabundance System and calling out the deceitful manifestation “gurus” so explicitly. At some point, they WILL come after me. 

                                            I will fight tooth and nail to keep this page online, but I strongly suggest you invest in The Superabundance System today, even if you feel you don’t have the time or mental energy to begin right away. 

                                            That way, you’ll at least have the option for when you do. With the 100% no questions, universal-energy bound, 365-day guarantee, you have a full year to try the system out, and since Clickbank is entirely separate from this page, then whatever the gurus throw at me, you are just one click away from a refund if you choose.

                                            Okay, this really is the end now.

                                            I’ve shared my story.

                                            I’ve shown you the science.

                                            The rest is up to you.

                                            Take the first step, click the orange button below, and start living the superabundant life you desire, and deserve, with the The Superabundance System, today.

                                            TODAY $47 

                                            Regular Price $197

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